Frequently Asked Questions About Election Integrity

How Do I Know that You Count my Ballot Accurately?

Before each election we publicly test the voting equipment to make sure that it is accurately counting the votes on each ballot. After the election, we publicly audit every vote on every ballot. Our office is dedicated to accuracy and integrity in the vote counting process. You can be confident that our office has trained our staff, tested our equipment, and verified the results all while under independent supervision from the Canvassing Board and while the public watches our work.

How Do You Prevent Dead People from Voting?

When a voter dies, we receive official notification from other government agencies, such as the Florida Department of Health and the Social Security Administration. Once we receive notice, we remove the voter’s name from the voter registration system.

How Do You Prevent Noncitizens, pets, Made-up People, or Other Ineligible Persons from Voting?

You must first register to vote before you can vote. To register, you must provide ID information. We verify this ID information against official databases during the registration process. This step ensures that only eligible voters are added to the voter registration system. When a person votes, we check their ID to make certain that the person is a registered voter and that they have not already voted.

How Do You Prevent People From Voting More Than Once?

We use the real-time technology to update voter records as soon as someone votes, either in person or by mail. If our records show that you have already voted, you are not allowed to vote again in an election.

How Do You Prevent People who Moved out of State From Voting in Florida?

We share information with other states and other government agencies to keep our voter registration information up to date. When you move and register in a new state, we remove you from the Florida voter registration system.

How Do You Prevent Vote-by-Mail Ballot Fraud?

We can only mail your Vote-by-Mail ballot by request to an address we have in our records. We track every ballot issued to voters and whether the ballots have been returned. You can track your ballot by visiting to see when your ballot has been requested, mailed to you, and counted. When our office receives your ballot, we check to make sure your signature matches our records and that you have not already voted in the election. Once you return your Vote-by-Mail ballot, we update your voter registration record so you cannot vote in person.

Can People Find out who I Voted for?

The fact that you voted in an election is public information. Anyone can ask for a list of people who cast a ballot in an election in Florida. However, you are the only person who knows how you marked your ballot. We use strict procedures to make sure that no one, not even election workers, can find out how you marked your ballot.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions about election security, please contact us at (850) 606-8683 or at

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