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Employment Opportunities

Now Hiring Seasonal Positions

The Supervisor of Elections Office for Leon County is now accepting applications for the following seasonal positions to help ensure a successful 2022 election year.

Hiring will take place in waves, between now and May 2022.

Successful applicants are those who thrive in a fast-paced, positive, team-oriented atmosphere. Most assignments require 40 hours per week with some periods of overtime and will end before Thanksgiving 2022.

To be considered, carefully read all the information below and complete an online application by clicking here.

Questions? Contact us at ElectJobs@LeonVotes.gov

For All Positions

Skills Include:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Accuracy and speed in processing data
  • Ability to stay focused and engaged even with highly repetitive tasks
  • Ability to collaborate in a team atmosphere
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Friendly, patient, and professional customer service
  • Ability to handle pressure and meet firm deadlines with composure and positivity
  • Ease with learning new software and technology
  • Requirements Include:

  • The highest level of integrity, responsibility, and teamwork
  • A commitment to continue employment with us through November 2022 (Once training is complete, it is very difficult for us to replace team members in time for a successful election. If you don’t believe you can commit to the entire assignment, these positions won’t be the right fit for you.)
  • Acceptable criminal background check
  • Dedication to providing outstanding voter services and accessible elections in Leon County with integrity, transparency, and accuracy
  • Willingness to fully comply with security protocols related to cybersecurity, physical plant, and pandemic response
  • Most Positions Include:

  • Voluntary healthcare coverage (premium cost shared with employer)
  • Automatic enrollment in the Florida Retirement System
  • Hiring ranges starting at $14 per hour and varying based on experience and specific job duties and responsibilities
  • Full-time hours (40 per week) with generally a Monday-Friday 8-5 schedule and an hour for lunch
  • Significant periods of overtime during the few weeks leading up to and after each 2022 election (August 23rd and November 8th)
  • Overtime paid at time-and-a-half; may include evenings, weekends, and holidays
  • Other Personnel Services (OPS) status; these employees do not receive paid sick, vacation, or holiday leave
  • Current Seasonal Vacancies

    This team of two is responsible for recruiting, preparing, and supporting close to 1,000 poll workers to run polling sites throughout the county on election day. Team members must be able to interact with individuals from various backgrounds, as well as those with various learning styles.

    Customer Service Duties Include:

  • Serving as primary contact with poll workers to assist them with election day assignments, training class schedules, reminders, and special requests
  • Answering phone calls from the poll worker hotline with professional, friendly, and effective communication skills
  • Facilitating teamwork between poll workers
  • Identifying and reporting difficulties or concerns to the Election Project Coordinator
  • Fostering and maintaining a sense of pride and belonging among poll workers
  • Administrative and Training Duties Include:

  • Scheduling poll workers to specific polling locations and required training classes
  • Attending and assisting with poll worker training classes
  • Preparing and updating databases and reports
  • Coordinating polling location teams to ensure all positions are filled
  • Seeking opportunities to recruit new poll workers
  • Work is primarily done in an office setting with a lot of time spent on the phone and some in a small group training environment. Must be comfortable learning new computer hardware and software, including voting machines and electronic pollbooks.

    Patience, diligence and people-focused is the theme for this team. They ensure a positive experience for voters by making sure poll workers have all the skills, materials, and confidence they need to conduct orderly, professional, and accurate elections.

    This team provides all the administrative, training, and leadership support to run 10 early voting locations throughout the county. Some team members also help create and monitor social media content and voter outreach for the office. Responsibilities of team members will differ between quieter times, peak early voting times, and election day. Members will eventually specialize in the specific project area that best fits their interests and skill sets. Team members sometimes cross over into other teams to lend a hand as well as get training in specific topics relevant to early voting.

    Shared Duties Include:

  • Data entry of voter registration forms and voter transactions
  • Preparing and updating databases and reports
  • Duties for Rovers:

  • Providing warehouse logistics support
  • Preparing, packing, and inventorying supplies
  • Testing voting equipment and other light office equipment
  • Tracking, deploying, and retrieving critical voting materials to and from voting sites
  • Duties for Early Voting Clerks:

  • Recruiting, scheduling, and training early voting workers
  • Making small-group training presentations
  • Supervising workers and voting activities at one of 10 voting sites in the county
  • Assuring laws and procedures are followed
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with co-workers and the general public
  • Overseeing daily voting activity and troubleshooting individual voting transactions
  • Reconciling daily ballot totals and compiling data reports
  • Following and reinforcing security and safety protocols
  • Providing conflict resolution, with guidance from the main office
  • Serving as liaison with the facility host, rovers, third-party security teams, and the main office
  • Duties for Social Media and Outreach:

  • Managing engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: understanding communication goals and timelines, creating content, pre-loading schedules for postings, and monitoring public engagement
  • Supporting overall communication strategies for voter registration, election information, materials for Spanish speakers, and other initiatives
  • Assisting with coordination of media campaigns, press conferences, publications, and other public relations efforts
  • Supporting voter registration drives outside of the early voting period
  • Some work from home may be required, especially during peak election times with breaking news or rapidly evolving information
  • Some work in community settings may be required for voter outreach events (sometimes outdoors)
  • Advanced skills with photography, videography, and graphic design would be a big plus
  • Successful Candidates Will Be:

  • Self-motivators
  • Creative problem-solvers
  • Next-step anticipators
  • Multi-taskers and collaborators
  • People-oriented
  • Action-oriented
  • Meticulous with details and follow-through
  • Level-headed and consistent
  • Most positions require an insurable driver’s license, a reliable personal vehicle, the ability to spend long periods of time standing or walking (including on concrete floors), and the ability to lift up to fifty pounds.

    These team members will work primarily at the Leon County Elections Center (in a mix of warehouse and office settings). Roughly two weeks before each election, most team members will be reassigned to one of 10 early voting sites as an Early Voting Clerk or to multiple sites as a Rover. Significant and consistent overtime with ten-hour days, including weekends, during these early voting periods and on election day are required.

    This team is a great fit for creative people who enjoy managing dynamic projects with lots of moving parts and would rather stay on the move than be stationed at a desk. This team works nice and steady until it’s time for the adrenaline surge during the early voting period, followed by a huge round of high fives and some solid sleep when it’s complete.

    This team helps ensure that the Vote-by-Mail process is accessible, accountable, and accurate. They are responsible for processing Vote-by-Mail requests and issuing those ballots, verifying and accounting for returned ballots prior to tabulation, troubleshooting various situations to help ensure all eligible ballots are ultimately counted, and answering voter questions about the process.

    Team members work collaboratively on shared duties and may be assigned one or more specialized duties based on specific interests and skill sets.

    Shared Duties Include:

  • Processing Vote-by-Mail requests
  • Verifying signatures on Vote-by-Mail Ballots
  • Scanning and filing documents
  • Quality assurance checking of items for accuracy
  • Answering a multi-line phone system
  • Communicating in writing and by phone with voters to resolve issues
  • Specialized Duties May Include:

  • Researching Vote-by-Mail related issues
  • Preparing material for Canvassing Board review
  • Operating in-house mail equipment, including inserter and sorter
  • Managing the team’s daily mail process, both outgoing and incoming
  • Attending and providing support at Canvassing Board meetings
  • Managing the Vote-by-Mail public email inbox
  • Successful Candidates Will Be:

  • Self-sufficient in completing routine tasks as well as ongoing projects
  • Meticulous with their attention to detail
  • Committed to a team environment, pulling together for deadlines and goals
  • Great communicators in writing and on the phone
  • Eager to build their knowledge of elections processes and laws
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Able to give and accept constructive and professional feedback
  • Roughly six weeks before each election, Vote-by-Mail team members will move to a staggered shift schedule with some members volunteering for early morning hours and some for evening hours. About two weeks before each election, overtime requirements can include some ten-hour days, including weekends.

    These gatekeepers of mail ballots are committed to assisting voters through the process, accurately handling and accounting for returned ballots, and making sure all applicable laws and rules are followed. A great team for those with a meticulous eye for detail, a passion for organizing, and a sense of accomplishment after completing voluminous tasks as well as solving intricate puzzles.

    The Operations Team are the quiet heroes in elections administration. From testing voting equipment, to managing inventory, to packing voting supplies and delivering them all around the county, to fixing what’s broken—they are the “get it done” team. During election cycles, they add one assistant to help support warehouse and logistics needs.

    Duties include:

  • Assembling materials to be delivered to early voting and polling locations
  • Maintaining inventory of election equipment and assets before and after each election using proprietary tracking software
  • Comprehensive testing of voting equipment before and after each election
  • Providing basic tech and operational support for staff and poll workers
  • Leading teams of election workers in completing repetitive but highly critical tasks
  • Operating warehouse equipment like pallet jacks, forklifts, hand trucks, etc
  • Leading teams of other workers in completing highly repetitive but technically critical tasks
  • Following and reinforcing safety and security practices
  • Making occasional pickups and deliveries
  • Basic Requirements:

  • Must possess an insurable driver’s license
  • Must be able to regularly lift up to fifty pounds
  • Be flexible in working between warehouse, office, and outdoor (hot and cold) environments
  • Tolerate long periods of standing and walking, particularly on concrete floors
  • Basic operating knowledge of computers
  • Work is generally split between a warehouse-type environment and an office-type environment and includes working on truck crews to support county-wide deliveries. .

    This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience alongside a multi-talented Voting Operations team who not only specialize in maintaining voting equipment but also in building customized furniture, designing computer applications, performing skilled maintenance, and assuring facility security protocols.

    This team gives many citizens their first impression of the office—by providing outstanding customer service in person, via email, and on the phone. Attention to detail and commitment to accurate data entry are essential in assuring the voting public can easily and confidently cast their vote during elections.

    Duties include:

  • Processing voter registration updates
  • Answering a multi-line phone system
  • Transferring phone calls
  • Assisting voters in person in the reception area
  • Using computers to access voter registration and election records
  • Scanning documents
  • Filing
  • Quality assurance checking of processed items for accuracy
  • Maintaining document archives
  • Successful candidates will be:

  • Eager to build their knowledge of elections processes and laws
  • Committed to a team environment, pulling together for deadlines and goals
  • Great communicators on the phone and in person
  • Detail-oriented and highly focused on completing work accurately
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Able to give and accept constructive and professional feedback
  • Office hours are 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Work weeks average 40 hours with some short periods of overtime (rotated among staff members) to meet occasionally unpredictable workloads. Overtime is always required during early voting periods and on election day. Professionalism in appearance and conduct is of utmost importance.

    These customer service and data processing rock stars make sure individual voters have what they need to be ready to vote when it’s time to cast their ballot. A great team for anyone who is passionate about accessible elections, loves working with people, has a meticulous eye for detail, and is intrigued by the laws and procedures for the voter registration process.

    We are proud to offer 10 locations throughout Leon County that are open for voting for between 9 and 14 days prior to each election. That means we also need a lot of workers to staff these “pop-up” offices in the brief time that they are open for voting.

    These workers complete a brief but comprehensive training session and then complete a multi-day assignment for each election. They are paid lump sum for all their training and work shortly following each election. Full-time and part-time shifts are available, and full-timers will be required to work long days and weekends to provide coverage at the sites. Time-and-a-half is paid for any hours over 40 worked in a week. Enrollment in the Florida Retirement System is not included, and health insurance is only rarely available for these positions. While it’s preferred for someone to be available to work all of the elections in a given calendar year, it is not required.

    Each early voting site has its own dynamics. Early Voting Workers must be able to provide accurate and friendly customer service, be meticulous with details, and able to handle large rushes of voters as well as long stretches without much activity. Standing for long periods and working outdoors is required.

    This team is right at the heart of the action—at the ballot box—and provides the only personal connection many voters ever have with the office. The main ingredients for this team are positivity, helpfulness, patience, accuracy, and a passion for democracy.

    Hundreds of poll workers are assigned to work at polling locations throughout the county on each election day. They are required to also complete a brief but comprehensive training program prior to each election. For more info about being considered as an election day poll worker in 2022 or beyond,Click here for more details.

    Please note: Anyone hired to fill a seasonal support position with the office would not be able to work as a poll worker on election day, as they will be busy with many other behind the scenes duties that day.

    How to Apply

    Think a seasonal election support position is right for you?

    Click here to submit your resume and complete an application questionnaire to be considered for any of our openings.

    Permanent Positions

    We are not looking to fill any permanent positions at this time. Please check back later. 

    Additional Information

    The Supervisor of Elections Office is an EEO/ADA employer. As positions are filled or needs change, updates will be made to the current vacancies listed above.

    Thank you for your interest in working with Leon Elections.

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